Entry Visa to Italy

Entry Visa to Italy is a sticker applied on the Passaport or on other valid travel document of the applicant.

It's a permit granted to Non-EU citizens to enter the territory of Italy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its network of diplomatic and consular offices enabled have the power of issue the Visas.

Citizens of following countries do not need visa to enter Italy for stays up to 90 days, for tourism, mission, business, sport and invitation:

For long stays (more than 90 days), all the Non-EU citizens should always apply for Visa.


Each visa type corresponds to the purpose of your visit to Italy:

Adoption, Business, Medical treatment, Diplomatic, Accompanying dependent family member, Sports competition, Invitation, Self employment, Subordinate employment, Mission, Religious grounds, Re-entry, Elective residence, Family reunion, Study, Airport transit, Transit, Trasport, Tourism, Working holidays.

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- What to do if Visa is denied

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