Do you want to apply for recognition of your Italian Dual Citizenship?

Now you can get all information and documents that you need to obtain Italian Dual Citizenship!

If you are a descendant of Italian citizens and are searching for specific and complete information about how to obtain your Italian Dual Citizenship,

keep reading this page!

Attorney Marco Mantovani, founder of Law Firm Mantovani, specialized in Italian Immigration & Citizenship Law


If you want to apply for recognition of your Italian Dual Citizenship by descent ("iure sanguinis"), today you can realize your purpose:

- without wasting your time to search for information on google and forums

- preventing bureaucratic problems

Because now it is available a new service, based on my knowledge and experience:

Personalized Legal Advice

about Italian Dual Citizenship


The Personalized Legal Advice includes 3 different services:


Legal Advice in English in PDF format

that you will receive directly to your e-mail address, containing all information that you need to obtain Italian Dual Citizenship:

Examination of your case

Explanation step-by-step of the process that you have to follow to obtain Italian Dual Citizenship (in your Country or in Italy)

Indication of the required documents

How to obtain Italian Passport



Italian Vital Records of your ancestor(s):

You will receive to your home the Official Italian Certificates of your ancestor(s) (Certificate of birth, Certificate of marriage, Certificate of birth).

To get the Vital Records you have to indicate on the request form the place of bith (Italian "Comune") and the date of birth of your ancestor(s).



Continuous Legal Support:

You can contact me, by e-mail, phone or Skype, during your Italian Dual Citizenship process, to obtain more information or clarifications, to make any question or remove any doubt.

This way, you will have at your disposal an Italian Attorney specialized in Italian Citizenship matter, during your Italian Dual Citizenship process.


How to get the Personalized Legal Advice about Italian Dual Citizenship?

1) Fill out and send the request form that you can find at the bottom of this page.

The sending of the form is a estimate request and is not binding.

2)After the receiving of the form, you will receive to the e-mail address indicated on the request form the estimate of the Legal Advice, containing the cost of the service and the indications to make the payment.

3)After the payment communication, you will receive the Legal Advice in PDF format to your e-mail address and the Italian Vital Records to your home.

4) During the Italian Dual Citizenship process, you can contact me in any moment to obtain the Legal Support that you will need.


How to pay the service?

The payment of the service can be maked with paypal (the most convenient and safe online payment method) or bank transfer

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If you want to get all you need to apply for Italian Dual Citizenship, I invite you to fill out now the request form


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